ease-todo-backupConvention and bitter experience has taught the majority of us the importance of backing up our data. This has led to thousands of software that help the most tech-clueless of us to do precisely that without sweating bullets. However, not all the backup software out there are as reliable as they claim, and that can be very bad indeed. In this article, we will look at one of the more popular backup software available, and which ended up in the top 10 in TopTenReviews at number 5: EaseUs Todo Backup.

According to TTR, EaseUs Todo “has excellent scheduling and backup tools” but is lacking in backup scripting capabilities and virus scanning, which the reviewer states kept it from occupying the top spot. However, these are minor matters, which is probably why the reviewer gave it a 9.2 rating anyway.

Paid versions of EaseUs Todo currently provides several backup options such as disk/partition backup and system backup, and you can make a clone of your hard drive for easy migration to a new system. Restoration options are also quite flexible. It allows you to choose where the recovered files should end up, or if you should overwrite existing files. You can also configure the convenient Smart Backup feature to keep an eye on certain files and make automatic backups.

EaseUs Todo has had a rough childhood, though, mostly because earlier versions restored a backed-up system with fewer sectors than the original. There does not seem to be a real issue with this as a restored system short a few sectors appeared to function normally, but still it is always worrisome when software does mysterious things like that. However, that is no longer a problem in the current versions so no worries. There was also an issue with Windows 8 compatibility problems but that is something most software share, and has been progressively resolved in versions 6 and up.

The latest on tap is version 8, and its improvements include smaller storage requirements and faster backup. It also has better compatibility with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 when creating the WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) which means your Windows will start up after you do a restore. Always a good thing, we think.

As expected, the free version lets you do basic disc imaging and backup but precludes the bells and whistles that go with the paid versions. The free version is somewhat resource heavy  and versions 6 and up lacks the option to set the compression level, so that is one less feature that was available in earlier versions. Whether this is a big issue or not is debatable, though.

The interface is easy to use and installation is not a problem. It does not even require a re-install when upgrading from the free version, which is a great convenience. More importantly, though, it does the job reliably, quickly and efficiently, and for most users that is all that matters.

In conclusion, EaseUs Todo Backup is a handy and effective backup program that will get the job done even with the free version. If you find the pop-ups irritating and put a premium on storage space, get the paid version.