Latest Pacquiao – Diaz Fight Update: For the Round by Round update, check it out here.

The upcoming Pacquiao vs Diaz Fight in Las Vegas on June 28, 2008 (morning of June 29 in Manila) is such an exciting slug fest that people were sent to my blog checking for updates of the said fight.

It has already become a good business for Moviehouses. Since last week, most tickets to the live telecast of the fight are already sold out in most popular theaters. For an average of Php500.00 to Php 800.00, you get to watch the fight on the big screen, with lots of other crowd. Most packages come with free food – what a way to enjoy the fight isn’t it? Definitely, the streets in Metro Manila will once again be free of the usual sight – you can even play marbles along the highways and in EDSA.

So here are some of the latest updates:


Manny Pacquiao vs. David Diaz fight odds:

Diaz (360) : This means for every 100USD bet you place on Diaz, if he wins, you get away with 360USD.

Pacquiao (-450) : This means that to win 100USD, you need to place a bet of 450USD on Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs Diaz Fight Results forecast:

According to some boxing afficionados, it is getting harder to predict the results of the Pacquiao – Diaz fight as both have 50 – 50 chance to win. It has become an even match, even though Manny Pacquiao is favored by many bettors over David Diaz.


Pacquiao to fight Ricky Hatton after David Diaz?

If rumors have to be taken seriously, this is one serious plan for the Pacquiao handlers. Do they really think Pacquiao gets a chance to win over Ricky “Hitman” Hatton? Bob Arum should think twice. But before that, they have David Diaz for Pacquiao “the Pacman” to worry about.

Latest Manny Pacquiao Training Video:


Post Update: Pacquiao vs Diaz Fight Video: