There is an interesting article on a leading money publication in their latest issue for June about Retirement. It discusses perhaps the most challenging question that one faces in retirement planning – estimating or guessing your lifespan. Although my age is still at its prime, but the article struck me big time.

It’s no joke – and I even asked myself, when will I plan to retire, and how long will I live to enjoy my retirement? Will I ever have something to make me enjoy my retirement? Unfortunately in the Philippines, retirement is something that the government bothers to not to mind at all. If you plan to retire well, then its up to the individual to prepare for it. Perhaps one of the best way to prepare for retirement is to run for a political post or be appointed in the Presidential Cabinet.

Some Statistics (or estimates):

  • Life expectancy in the U.S. – 78 years (at birth).
  • Life expectancy at your age? 20.8 years for a 60-year old man on the average.

Probabilities (based on a 60-year old man):

  • Hitting 90 years old – 19% (or 81% probably won’t make it to 90 years old).
  • If one reaches 95 years old, then 22% chance to getting to 100.

But all these are based on an average American man. But it isn’t if you’re not an average Joe, that is if you are richer or poorer, fatter or skinnier, genetically more cancer-prone or less. If you happen to be of different nationality, then this isn’t your average numbers, however you can start making your own estimates already, more or less.


While the scientific world is predicting better life expectancy in the future, this future won’t happen until in the next 30 to 40 years. Some experts also believe Social networks do affect longevity, but there is no conclusive facts yet to connect that you you’ll gonna live longer if you have had many relationships when you were younger, or you’ll go past 90 easily if you have many Alexa, Digg, Stumbleupon and Facebook friends when you are 25 years old today.

So will blogging increase your lifespan?

There is no information or study yet, but I am pretty sure if you are spending 12 to 16 hours in front of the computer blogging, most likely your lifespan will be reduced to 50%. LOL. But if you do blog and spend 2 to 4 hours a day and making money, definitely, you’ll enjoy your time while you’re alive and don’t bother thinking how long are you gonna be staying alive. Just have fun.


So when do you plan to retire?

Looking at the average lifespan of about 78 (in the U.S.), or about 70 (in the Philippines), and add or deduct years depending on your lifestyle – still, one would realize everyone won’t be staying for long in this world. Would you wait for the retirement age of 60 to retire, or retire early and start having good fun with your life? Definitely a tough question to ask because retirement early is always equated to enough “wealth” that will sustain your lifestyle and every day needs.

Some people plan to retire soon that is why they are working to earn some nice passive income to help them prepare for that early retirement. One don’t have to work until you are 60 years old. Wouldn’t it great to enjoy life and youth by staying away from work, having fun and making money at the same time. Sounds too wishful thinking but great things start from dreams.

How Long Will You Live?”

Girl with a ClockGeoff Colvin, who wrote the article in the June 23, 2008 issue of Fortune, said that this question is the hardest and the first question that has to be answered when planning for retirement. He went on to mention about the story of a California wine pioneer Robert Mondavi – who reportedly drank three-quarters of a bottle of wine every day, a quarter-bottle at lunch and a half-bottle at dinner. Mondavi just died recently, at age 94.

So how will you live longer? Perhaps there is truth to Mondavi’s way. My grandmother ate just vegetables, no meat, and lots of Tuba wine and she lived happily with no sickness until she died at age 108.