Social Niche PackageStruggling to build your nice looking social networking website? Know some Social Networking scripts but they cost you an arm and a leg? This inexpensive, ready-made social niche website builder script will make your life easy when creating your next DOT COM, even a DOT WS site. Just upload the files into your hosting account, and follow simple steps and in about an hour or less, you can have your new Social Network site.

It already has built in ad blocks which you can edit – be it a Google AdSense ad, AdBrite, affiliate products and other product offerings. If you are a little bit creative (uhmm, I don’t have the talent), you can customize the look and feel of your new Social Networking site.

The beauty is, once you created and configured your first Social Network site, you can easily copy it and create new ones – there’s no limit! You can create hundreds of these sites from social network sites for Nurses, dog owners, color blue lovers, peanut haters, bird enthusiasts, photography addicts, coffee geeks, travelers, parachuters,  paramedics, young ones, once young, gay advocates – just about anything.

Imagine if you have 100 of these sites where each site earn just USD1.00 a day from Google ads alone – that’s USD100.00 per day or about USD3,000.00 a month! Well it isn’t as easy though, but if you put your heart on it and work for it – its not impossible.


Now, for a limited time, I am offering a BIG BIG discount for the script. If you buy now until end of July, you’ll get the script for just USD14.00! No kidding – that’s USD13.00 off from the current offer price of USD27.00. Once you bought the script via Paypal and its verified – I will credit back your USD13.00.

But if you want to sell the script to others and make money from it, you can get the script plus the resale rights for just USD27.00 – a USD20.00 off the price of USD47.00! Then you can sell the script complete with your own Sales Website – at a price you want.

Important Note:

Once you made the purchase, send me the PayPal invoice (forward it to socialniche [at] on-myweb [dot] com so I can send you back your USD13.00 – for the regular script, or USD20.00 for the script with resale rights).