So that everyone may know – this is how CEBU PACIFIC unfairly treat their customers through UNFAIR business practices.

I booked a flight to Cebu and back to Manila in April 9, 2015. Departure date is May 28 and returning May 31, 2015. On May 15 (12:30am), I decided to change my departure date to May 22 and have to pay the rebooking fee and charges (Php2k+) at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch before midnight of that same day to make the transaction VALID.

cebupacificI was traveling to Bacolod that same day as well (May 15) and thought of just settle the charges in Bacolod. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a Cebuana Lhuillier branch (was in Talisay most of the day), and decided to just cancel it (by not settling the amount) and will just make another booking for May 22, with the thought that since I did not pay within the 24 hour period, the transaction is INVALID.

Tonight, as I was about make an online check-in, I noticed my departure date is May 22 instead of May 28. I called the Customer Service, and after a very long waiting and conversation, I was told that I have already canceled my May 28 booking even if I did not settle the amount.

Amazing – its like booking for a ticket, then not paying it, and yet you are still BOOKED?

Here’s the sad part, I said alright, I will just make another booking for May 28, and just give to Cebu Pacific my hard earned money by forfeiting the original ticket to Cebu. The Customer Service personnel told me that I cannot use my return ticket on May 31st unless I settle the Php2k+ due for the May 22 re-booking!

And this is the part where I lost my temper, felt my blood pressure shoot up to about a 10000/100. But before I could utter Tagalog expletives with a Bisaya accent – I opted to tell the lady that there’s no point in arguing with her and that I’m hanging up the phone.

Being a person working on improving business processes and systems and procedures, I just don’t see any LOGICAL reasons or explanations why my booking was re-booked without getting paid, why I cannot fly on the original flight date, why I need to pay for a service I did not avail, and WHY I CANNOT USE MY RETURN TICKET!

I’ll get back at you! Its my hard-earned money. I’m just one person – an ordinary person but I will not stop until I get JUSTICE!