Active Tech ProsHow Much Salary Are You Expecting?” This is probably one of the toughest questions to answer when asked during a job interview or when filling up a job application form if you are applying for work. While each one of us probably have some idea on how much one should be earning for a particular job, answering this with convincing power and confidence is still probably a challenge – even for a seasoned professional.

Another questions are – with your current skills, trainings, certifications, degree and years of work experience and other factors:

  • “Are you receiving an industry standard salary package?”
  • How much are your peers (of the same industry) receiving annually?
  • How can I compare my market value?

Perhaps another relevant question to ask are – “How is my salary compared to the salaries of people in another industry?“How much does an IT Consultant make annually on the average in the Philippines? In Singapore? In the United States? Australia?”

Good thing there is a report provided by Active Tech Pros which could help answer all those questions. The report presents the annual average salary information by IT field. You can also select annual average salary in a particular country among other selection criteria. Below are snapshots of what you see in the report (country selection made – Philippines):

Average annual salary for IT Consultant in Philippines = PHP469,222.93 (???)

IT Salaries by Experience


Average annual salary by Industry in the Philippines

Salaries By Industry

Philippine annual average salary (in pesos)

  • Media, Marketing & Sales  – 677k
  • Manufacturing, Services & Others – 588k
  • Government, Education & Health – 418K
  • Legal, Finance, Real Estate – 720k
  • IT, Web & Telecom – 682k

Other IT fields –  average annual salary for:

  • Project Manager in Philippines = PHP 664k
  • Web Developer/Programmer in Philippines = PHP 331k
  • Systems Analyst in Philippines = PHP 341k
  • MIS/IT Department Manager in Philippines = PHP 516k
  • Graphic Designer in Philippines = PHP 248k

The figures, as I checked them, are based on the average of the salaries and data of the respondents to this report cum survey. I also noted that the high-low figures for IT Industry greatly vary from the data that I got – but surprisingly, the average is close to reality. It is also sad to note that Filipinos are paid much less than their Asian counterparts, no wonder many Filipinos, especially in the IT Consulting sector are migrating to other countries to seek better opportunities.

It is also worthwhile to note that, bigger companies are paying higher salaries.

Check out Active Tech Pros and see how much is your worth – and compare how much the other people in your industry are earning, in terms of experience, skill levels and other factors. Its FREE to download the report – after answering a few pages of easy to answer questions.