How to Display Google Ads in your Blog:

Once you have configured your Google AdSense Ad Unit (see section Monetizing your blog with Google AdSense in setting up your Google AdSense ad unit), you can now display the ad in blog.

Important Note: As of now, you can only display ads in the Sidebar. Placing Google Ads in your Post is not possible at this time.

The following is a simple tutorial in displaying your Google AdSense ad unit at your blog:

  1. Login to your Blog. You can log-in to your blog by visiting your Blog and click on ‘LOGIN‘ under the META sidebar widget. Normally, the META sidebar widget link is displayed at the right or left sidebar of your blog, depending on the theme design chosen. If you cannot find the META widget, login to your blog using the following link (replace yourblogname with your blog name):
  2. Make sure that the Blog Theme you are using supports WIDGETS. To check if it supports Widgets, go to your Blog Dashboard, and click on Presentation. Under Presentation, you can see the Themes and Widgets tabs.
  3. Clicking on Widgets tabs will display the available widgets that you can display in your blog. Further down, you can see the following option: Text Widgets. Select 5 to display five text widgets in your blog. Click on Save button.
  4. You should see now Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, Text 4 and Text 5 widgets in the Available Widgets list.
  5. Select Text 1 widget (assuming that you haven’t used it for some other purpose). Drag the widget to the sidebar where you want it displayed. Some themes may only have one sidebar (one-column themes) and others may have two sidebars or more (2-column/3-column themes).
  6. Once you have placed the Text widget to the desired sidebar location, click on the ‘Configure‘ button – found at the right-most portion of the Text widget. At times, you may need to click on it twice.
  7. A window should be displayed upon clicking on the ‘Configure‘ button. Optionally, you can put a label to the Text widget. Google is strict in naming your Google AdSense ad unit. Review the Google AdSense policy for more details. In this simple tutorial, let’s put a label – Sponsored Ads.
  8. In the empty box right below the widget Label, paste your Google AdSense code. That’s it! To continue, just click any space “outside” of the Text widget box to return to the Sidebar Arrangement window.
  9. Click on ‘Save Changes‘ button to save your work. Now preview your blog and you should see your new Google Ad unit displayed (if it’s a new ad unit, wait for about 10 minutes before it appears).

Other Important Tips:

  • Make sure you don’t click on your own Google AdSense ads. This is a violation of the Google AdSense policy. Check out the Google AdSense Policy for details.
  • You can display up to a maximum of 3 Ad Unit, 3 Link Units and 3 Referral Units in your blog/website.
  • In addition, you can display up to 2 Google Search boxes in your blog/website.
  • Try to re-arrange your Sidebar widgets so that your AdSense ads are properly displayed and blend nicely with your blog.

Happy Blogging!

First Post: 21-January-2008