Pacquiao vs Diaz FaceoffThe day that many Filipinos and Mexican boxing fans have been waiting for has finally come. What will be the result? Check out the Round by Round fight results at the end of this post.

Odds are favoring Pacquiao over Diaz. A Pacquiao win will definitely put the Pacman in the history books – being the only Asian to hold Championship Titles in different boxing divisions. And of course a Pacquiao win over Diaz will forever seal the tag “Mexican Killer” on Manny.

Most analysts, including the Pacquiao camp are expecting a knock-out on the 5th or 6th rounds. And Manny Pacquiao should knock-out David Diaz in the early rounds. It will be to Diaz’s advantage if the round extends to more than 8. While Pacman is boasting of a stronger right punch and quickness over Diaz, the latter is known to be resilient and his previous wins were won in the last rounds of the fight.

A David Diaz win over the golden boy from General Santos City, Philippines is surely a celebration among the Mexicans – who saw their Great Champions like Barrera, Erik Morales and other Mexican boxers fell in the hands of the southpaw master. And also, this is a jackpot for all bettors in favor of David Diaz.

Manny is fighting for a friend – Rudy Fernandez, a Filipino Action Star who succumbed recently from cancer, for victims of the recent Typhoon that sunk almost a dozen boats and ships, including the biggest passenger ship in the Philippines, the Princess of the Stars which claimed hundreds of lives, and for the entire Filipino people – promising to bring another honor to the nation.


David Diaz is fighting for Manny’s goat, and for his fallen comrades, and to restore Mexico’s pride and honor in boxing. Both are lefties, or southpaw, and both are actually under Bob Arum’s boxing promotions.

The streets of Manila once again will be empty on Sunday morning. People will be watching in the movie houses or at homes – and it is expected that electricity usage will go up. In a country where the majority are poor, where only 84 families holding 80% of the nation’s wealth – heroes are highly revered, and men like Manny Pacquiao brings hope to most of these people, forgetting their problems and worries – at least just for half a day.

With all our prayers and support – we wish you all the best Manny. Make every Filipino smile tomorrow. It’s the most valuable thing you could ever share.

Latest Round by Round Pacquiao vs Diaz Fight Results and Updates:

Round 1 Fight Result : Manny looks confident and aggressive as he enters the ring.

Round 2 Fight Result : Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao keeps up with his monicker with a flurry of punches on Diaz. David Diaz suffers cut on this round.

Round 3 Fight Result : Pacquiao is not letting go of his offensive against David “the Dangerous” Diaz.

Round 4 Fight Result : Victory looks clear for Pacquiao. But David Diaz, true to his promises, is not about to give up.

Round 5 Fight Result : Another cut on Diaz makes this contest probably end very soon. If Diaz can withstand until round 7, he still has a chance.

Round 6 Fight Result : Round sees Pacquiao easing off a bit on Diaz. Is this what Diaz was hoping for? But this fight turned out to be a bloody one for the Mexican/American boxer.

Round 7 Fight Result : David Diaz is still giving a good fight, getting some punches landing on Pacquiao. But obviously, the Pacman is still giving him a hard time. Cut on Diaz’ nose makes it more difficult to slug it out with Pacman. Diaz was hoping for a close slug fest with Pacman.

Round 8 Fight Result : Looks like the end of Diaz.

Round 9 Fight Result : Pacquiao knocks-out David Diaz, just 36 minutes before the end of the 9th round.