Pacquiao vs Diaz Fight ResultsIt was almost a no contest. The fight result proved to be almost a one-sided affair in favor of Pacquiao. And Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao goes into the history books as the only Asian and the first Filipino to hold Boxing Championship title in 4 weight divisions. His win against David “the Dangerous” Diaz earned him the World Boxing Council Lightweight Division Champion of the World.

Diaz suffered two cuts early in rounds 2 and 5 – a cut in the nose bridge on the 5th round, and another cut in the left eye in earlier round.

Round 7 saw some fighting from David Diaz, but those were not enough to hurt the southpaw from General Santos City, the Philippines.


The fight ended 36 seconds going to the end of Round 9. With his win, will Manny make good of his promise to help the victims of Typhoon Frank in the Philippines? Filipinos always expect people like Manny to help and share their fortunes to less fortunate Filipinos.

Should Filipinos rely on Manny Pacquiao for help? Anyways, the whole country is celebrating for Pacquiao’s latest win – and surely, this will be a national celebration.

Check out the round by round fight results here.

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