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In a recent forum where the Honorable VP Binay was a guest of honor, he claimed to be a victim of cyber bullying and made insinuations that those who bash him on Social Media are paid trolls.

Just want to make a point dear VP and to those politicos who belittle the power of Social Media. It is one of the greatest gifts of technology to common citizens like us Filipinos. Social Media gives everyone a chance to voice their opinions and share to as many people without the need to pay hefty sum of money usually paid to traditional media and “pa-pogi” PR companies.

Don’t assume all these people were paid to air their opinions on key issues like politics and corruption.

Yes social media can also be a venue for “chismis”, but one would know which ones are simply rumor-mongering and which ones need to be answered and explained.

And ever wonder why people are so mad and angry at any hints of corruption? Because many of us pay almost 4 months or even more of our annual salary to the government, that’s nearly 1 month paid on taxes for every 3 months of working our asses off, not to mention paying additional 12% VAT on most stuff we purchase.

It is indeed frustrating and more often than not, “nakaka buang, nakaka ulol” to see our money ending up on a few peoples vaults and bank accounts when the government should have spent those to give us better roads, better infrastructure, better education system, better health facilities, better agriculture programs, better public employee salaries, better government service, BETTER GOVERNANCE!