Donate to Typhoon Frank VictimsWhile people are celebrating and enjoying the knock-out victory of Manny Pacquiao over David Diaz during Sunday’s brawl in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, there were souls needing much help and attention – unfortunately, they were not as lucky in getting attention, even from the media with regards to their situation.

“the sad and bad news.. water system might take a month.. before supply will flow again… people are literally… . dying of thirst…..

a 5 liter water is now selling in kalibo for P350 … a tricycle ride is P150….. a kilo of rice is Php180!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

For more than a week now, Aklan and Iloilo including Capiz are the provinces which suffered the most hit by Typhoon Frank. Situation in Capiz lately have improved a bit, but it is still bad to worse in Aklan and Iloilo. While most media focus and attention is on the sinking of the biggest passenger ship in the country, the Princess of the Stars which killed an estimated 800 or more passengers and crews – children, babies, men, women, old and young, little attention was done to the provinces mentioned above.

I am devoting this post for a call to action among our more lucky countrymen, and fellow citizens of the world, and let everyone know the harrowing situation that is threatening the lives of our brothers and sisters in Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo. This information was relayed by a Kulasa (St. Scholastica alumna), a family friend currently living in Roxas City with her husband who is a Doctor-volunteer of this city. They have been living in Capiz for quite some time – giving up better living conditions in Manila to help the needy in this part of the Philippines.

They badly need our help, any help, from clothing, to food, to water containers, medicines and most importantly, safe drinking water. I also appeal to my fellow bloggers – if its not too much too ask, to blog about this little charity effort, or even just a link to this post.

I am including at the end of this post the communication between Eurica, and her former batchmates in St. Scholastica – so you would have a good understanding of the suffering of the people in her place before you give out any donation. For donations, please direct them to the following:

Clothings, relief, food, water containers, etc. – please send donation boxes to:

CELL # +639213479024

For Cash Donations, please send to:

Ms. Eurica via Globe G-Cash thru +639162481544

Or you can give your Cash Donations via Paypal:


i was really scared last friday night… from our window.. debris was
flying all around… rooftop of our neighbors were flying out…. wind
was so strong…. made me reminisce.. YOLING during the 70s…..

.. i am presently in the OPD of one hospital in roxas city
… using their wifi connection.. . up to now… several areas in the
province does not have electricity at all. officials came out with a
priority list for electricity activation.. .. so… tiis lang kami… i
can survive without it.. good thing, we have water….

we are under state of calamity… the whole island to be precise…
alot of dead people were recovered in nearby provinces… capiz can
still be considered lucky… even we are indeed suffering.. but not as
bad as aklan and iloilo…..

people are depressed in this side of the world…. ang hirap… makita
kaibigan at kakilala mo who lost everything they had because of the
typhoon…. agri land were all destroyed… ..the whole province to be exact….

before… we used to set aside old clothes to be given away… but
now.. its a different situation… we are now SHARING… clothing and
food… as in… even what we are still using… we have to part with
our things na… kasi… our friends are really in need and LOST

capiz can be considered lucky… aklan and iloilo are the hardest
hit… bodies are being lined up sa plaza to be identified.. ..
vechiles were taken by strong currents to rice fields and fish
ponds…. most of the areas are still submerged in water and mud….

June 27
i am back in one dark corner of the opd in one hospital…. good
thing their wifi connection is on… 24hours 7days….

capiz is back on its feet… we are all going back to work, to
school, > to whatever… things are starting to go back to normal… SO WE

most of you surely are not too familiar with panay island here in western visayas…. just to give you an idea… panay island consists of 4 provinces:
1. aklan
2. capiz
3. iloilo
4. antique

yours truly is residing in capiz….. last friday, this island was
hit by typhoon frank… and we are still in state of calamity…. as i mentioned… capiz can be considered lucky… compare to iloilo and aklan.. antique.. is also okay at the moment…..

iloilo is still recovering.. . but aklan… is in its worst state. tomorrow, i will be delivering bottles of water to a friend… 3 friends are also going to bring gallons and gallons of water… i will be travelling with them to document their trip and to check the present status of aklan…. people there are suffering from hunger
and thirst…

those who can afford to go on a trip are here in capiz to buy their food and water…. but of course.. not everybody could do that… so the rest are truly suffering…

the last time i was in a disaster area … was few years ago in sri lanka… i never thought… i would be in one again… and it would
be just few hours drive from where i am residing….

aklan badly needs your help…
please if you have old clothes, blankets and shoes to spare and
money to give.. we need food and water to distribute.. . we have teams here who can give the aid… FAST AND DIRECT… aklan is just 1 1/2 hours drive from here….

June 28
well, things are sort of improving in aklan… in terms of clean up…. one government agency from manila.. MMDA… are now there.. cleaning up all the mud and debris.. it will take few more days.. .. regarding the drainage system with mud.. that is another story….

those power companies who helped capiz to restore its power are now there …. grabe ang mga yon… walang tulog talaga… pagod na ang mga yon…. 24/7 ang trabaho….

the sad and bad news.. water system might take a month.. before supply will flow again… people are literally… . dying of thirst…..


ang asawa ko… naghahanap at naghihingi ng mga plastic bottles for us to have those filled with drinking water….. as in.. sulok sulok ng kung saan saan… tanong dito.. tanong doon…. nagkakaubusan na ng water containers dito….

a 5 liter water is now selling in kalibo for P350 … a tricycle ride is P150….. a kilo of rice is Php180!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

here in capiz…. we can get P22 refill of water … yon eh kung may 5 gallon container kami…. kung wala…. no choice but to buy…. but we are doing our best to look for containers.. …

June 29
medical society from this province left this morning for a medical mission but because sa new flood… they can’t get access to go inside the town premises…. nagkakasakit na ang mga tao doon….

> eurica

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