I promise this post is going to be very short and sweet. The recent issue in NAIA, Philippines’ main gateway to the world, aside from being dubbed as one of the world’s worst airports, speaks of how the Philippine Government under the administration of Pres. Noynoy Aquino is becoming glaringly weak and seems to be out of control.

#LaglagBala at NAIA via pinoytrendingnews.net

#LaglagBala at NAIA via pinoytrendingnews.net

Such petty scheme like planting a bullet in “lucky” unsuspecting passenger’s baggage, known in social media universe as the #LaglagBala or #TanimBala modus by some shady airport personnel, is already becoming not only a national issue but reported globally by the likes of BBC News.

No one in their right minds would bring an ammunition when traveling by plane – period. Or what is it with bullets from the Philippines that people would risk arrest just to bring one out of the country?

There are already a number of victims of this money-making scheme in NAIA. A Japanese tourist was reported to have paid over Php80,000.00 (around USD1,700.00) to be allowed to leave the country when a bullet was found in his baggage. A Hong Kong bound overseas worker, in her mid 50’s was barred from leaving when a bullet was found in her bag. Just the other day, an elderly bound for Boracay was arrested by Office for Transportation Security. The OTS personnel claimed the 68-year old woman is carrying 1 piece of ammunition in her hand carried bag.

The Airport Officials have defended their personnel since the issue was reported in social and mainstream media. President Aquino himself downplayed the issue, without any hints of concern. The Aquino circle of supporters (sometimes referred to as #Noytards or yellow supporters in social media) were quick in saying this could be an evil scheme of the anti-Aquino groups out to discredit his administration and his Presidential bet, LP’s Mar Roxas.

via Jong de Guzman / Inday Espinosa-Varona FB wall

via Jong de Guzman / Inday Espinosa-Varona FB wall

What bothers most of us is the administration’s lack of appreciation of the issue. Is PNoy’s administration too weak and no longer in control of the government that issues like this could not be addressed swiftly?

How are we going to address bigger problems of the country when the Administration fail big time in controlling petty schemes like the Tanim Bala / Laglag bala in NAIA?

Oh, turned out this post wasn’t really short and sweet. Your thoughts?

Disclosure: I’m neither Noytard nor anti-Aquino. I’m simply a citizen of this god-forsaken republic who pays a third of my income to the government and wants to see better GOVERNANCE.