Okay, its been a while since my last post. There has been some cool things happening for the general motoring public in Metro Manila recently. No, not from the super inefficient and clueless guys of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Until now this agency has not released our car’s plate number which was acquired 10 months ago.

It’s about Metropolitan Manila Development Authority‘s new #website which allows anyone to inquire if they were cited for traffic violations.

MMDA recently implemented its “no-contact apprehension” policy, and through CCTVs placed strategically along major roads like EDSA, C5 and Commonwealth Avenue, MMDA traffic personnel can now issue tickets for various traffic violations by just looking at the CCTV feeds. Once your car’s plate number is known, they can easily send the notification at your address for you to settle the penalty fees.

If you feel you’ve swerved a little to the left and wondered if they’ve booked you a ticket, don’t fret! Check out MMDA’s website MayHuliBa.com, search for your car’s plate number and find out. If you’re lucky, you’ll get yourself some #hugot lines!


If you like to get some more horoscope-like lines, do another search.


Now for those with violations, you’ll get a sweet message like this. Wait for the mail to arrive, hopefully sooner than LTO’s issuance of vehicle license plates.


Image credits: www.mayhuliba.com