Blogging close to six months now, I had the privilege of meeting bloggers from different walks of life, and I surely treasure these folks who are not just good online friends, but best offline buddies too. And this first-time Linky Lovin post is dedicated to these bloggers who are testaments that one of the greatest joys of blogging come from great friends you built online.

My partner-friend, Joliber, who taught me lots of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques is a rare gem. He is diligent, and has a heart of an eagle – soaring high with energy, passion and determination – a true Bloggista himself! His associates, Sonn, Gusher and Jan Alvin are great, nice and reliable buddies too! These guys are now working with me on several projects that we hope to launch very soon.

Another pro blogger that turned out to be humble and a good friend is Ambo. He’s down to earth, and genuinely cares for others, especially newbie bloggers like me. And of course I don’t want to miss to mention the tantalizing, and at times, smarty-naughty Kengkay, who always pleases her blog visitors with equally provoking musings and thoughts. I haven’t met these two personally, but they are already close to my heart. Of course not to forget, Scottz Princess, Pinaymoms Ruby and Elvz – Joliber’s loyal friends who are kind enough to include me in their regular blog visits.


Blog FriendsIn my recent quest to harness the vast opportunities the internet world has to offer, and to find bloggers who share the same passion, I never thought I would bump into a good old friend that I haven’t seen in many years. And this dude who is behind the intelligent, fresh looking blog ( I love his template – I hope there is a red version of it – LOL) is exactly the type of person you want to talk to with regards to business ideas. I was meeting Ceblogger the other night in Makati, who is in town for some business trips, and surprise! surprise! – ThirdWorldGeek turned out to be a long lost buddy. He expertly described the event the other night in his post.

Amazing, isn’t it? Thirworldgeek just posted something that I couldn’t disagree at all – If you feel burnt out from blogging – what will you do? Go check out his very enlightening post.

Just another joy bloggers get from blogging.