Being new to blogging and to having my own website, one thing I noticed is that most site owners are really working on making their pages rank higher. Honestly, I still don’t have much idea the importance of Page Ranking aside from not getting approved by some revenue generating programs if your site have low or no page rank at all.

My first blog which features the things that I do everyday as a Business/Process Consultant ( The Cutover Experience at ) only have a Google page rank of 1 out of 10 – since I started blogging on it late November 2007. My other blog, which I created last week of November 2007, but only started working on it 2nd week of December 2007 is now having a Google page rank of 4 out of 10 ( see blogRebel Blogs at ).

How is ranked as of 21-January-2008?

Yesterday (exactly 10 days since I launched this free blog hosting site), I put on some page rank widgets from Rank Widget ( ). Below are the current page ranking of

Alexa page rank – 11, 294, 989

Google page rank – no page rank available

Technorati rank – 731, 678