Warning - Hot PostThat was an easy $100.00. Ted of Yearblook.com sent  me an email informing that my post on Clickbank Scam got the most votes for the month of May. Well, I won US$50.00 as a reward for that post, and another US$50.00 since I submitted that article myself on Yearblook.

What is Yearblook?

Below are words that describe Yearblook, as posted on its website.

“Yearblook is a competition to find the best blog posts. Once we’ve found them, we’re going to put them in a book.”

“Yearblook is The Coliseum, and blogs are gladiators fighting to the death.”

“Yearblook is the love child of a blog, an almanac, a wildebeest, and an election… minus the wildebeest.”

“Yearblook is not Digg, nor are we trying to be.”

Yearblook, is a contest to find the best blog posts. The best post each day will be compiled into a book (a real, printed book) that is a record of the year in blogs. The Yearblook will be a history of the previous year, as seen through the minds and keyboards of the blogosphere.
How it works?

  • Bloggers submit their posts – using the simple form here
  • Readers cast votes for their favorites
  • We run an algorithm to figure out which is the best post
  • The best from each day is added to the book

The best posts win US$50.00 for the author of the post, and US$50.00 for the person who submitted the post. Yes, you can submit your own post to Yearblook, and make sure to invite friends, families and your neighbors to cast votes on your posts.

Simply register an account and you can start submitting yours or your friends’ posts. The thought of seeing your posts get published in the Book sounds exciting isn’t it? Its as exciting as seeing your posts in the first pages of Google and Yahoo search results for such keywords as Miss Universe 2008 Results. LOL.

Great job, Ted, and more power to you and Yearblook. Thank you.