ParticipantWill a newbie win in a global competition for topping the keyword phrase Busby SEO Challenge in the search engines like Google and Yahoo? Not a chance at all. But what the heck, it’s worth the try.

This “entry” (hehe) is rather late, but probably landing in the 100th pages of Google for the Busby keyword is enough gratification for me. I don’t know much about SEO, but my friend Joliber loves to experiment it.

What’s at stake? Voila! It’s 5000 US Dollars for the first prize – imagine my Blog ranks number one when this SEO keyword is searched in Google? That’s far-fetched. But if I’m gonna win, I’ll treat everyone linking to this post to a cheese burger. LOL. The Busby SEO Challenge has started 1st of June, 2008 and ends 31st August 2008. There is USD2000 and USD500 for the second and third placers respectively.

A lot have joined already – the SEO Gurus, the Experts all over the world. Others have joined forces to optimize the required key phrase by Busby. So are we up to the Challenge? Hmmm, we don’t stand a chance if we do this individually.

There is power in numbers – TIPIN, so what do we do to win? There are French, Indonesian, Germany, Italian Teams – but not much of a solid Filipino Team eh. Anyways, good luck to everyone. A cheese burger is enough for me if you guys win.


Post Update:

Aside from the individual entry, Team Noobs have come up with an official team entry to the Busby SEO Challenge. Give the team some link lovin.