Finally, Apple will release to the market (mostly in the United States) the much anticipated iPhone 3G on Friday, 11-July, 2008 (Saturday in Manila).

Personally, I have been anticipating for this new gadget from iPhone. It has all the features of a 3G mobile phone that I need – especially that I am mobile most of the time, blogging and tracking my Busby SEO Challenge entry (LOL) would be easier with this phone. I wonder when will this be made available to consumers in the Philippines. There was some buzz that Smart Communications will offer this phone as part of their executive mobile phone plans. But if this is made available to the general consumer on “open line” – meaning you can use it with any mobile phone operator in the Philippines, I am considering in buying one.

So what do you need to prepare if you wanna get this cool phone and use its features?

Apple gives these advises: (courtesy of www.apple.com)

  • Contacts & Calendars

    iPhone syncs contacts and calendars from iCal, Entourage, and Address Book on the Mac, or Outlook and Outlook Express on a PC. It also syncs contacts from Yahoo! Address Book and Google Contacts on the web.

  • Email

    iPhone works with the most popular email systems, including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, and MobileMe. And iTunes syncs settings from email accounts stored on Mail on a Mac or Outlook on a PC.

  • Photos

    iPhone uses iTunes to sync photos from iPhoto on a Mac, or Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Album, or any picture folder on a PC.

  • Music & Video

    If you don’t have the latest version of iTunes, download it now and start a music and video library you can sync to your iPhone.

  • iTunes Account

    If you don’t have an iTunes Store account, set one up now by downloading iTunes, selecting the iTunes Store, and clicking the Sign In button in the upper-right corner.


Where to buy the new Apple iPhone 3G?

In the United States, Apple iPhone 3G, according to Apple website, will only be available in Apple Retail Stores and AT&T stores. Price starts at USD199.00, wow! That’s only about 9,000.00 in the Philippines.

How much will it cost in the Philippines?

There is no definite amount yet, but probably around Php10,000.00 to Php12,000.00 for the 8GB and about Php20,000.00 for the 16GB. These are all my estimates, if you think you know what would be the price, feel free to leave your comment.

Will buy this stuff?

Let me know your thoughts.