Blog Friends and LinksFrom time to time, features interesting blog posts and links of blogging friends and newly discovered sites that I find worth to read.

Well, today, the world will see another Miss Universe winner. So check out my post on the Miss Universe 2008 Winners, Results and Updates.

Joliber over at has been quite busy (and dead serious) of new his newly launched Social Networking site, This guy and his site has the makings of the next Facebook.

SoNn at GeekandMoney is delighted on his 3G experience with uMobile – and it’s free. He also gave me an Invite Code so I can try uMobile myself.

Strip2Clothe – what’s that? Check out | Intense Passion for Blogging.

Deimos is giving his “Silent Thoughts” on Life’s Misery. Take this from him, “Many bloggers are blogging for money, after realizing that it is not as easy as it appears to be, many quit.”

Want to know the Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in the Philippines? Check out Jan Alvin‘s article over at BlogTambayan. Good thing my Cadillac-kad and VTEC-leta are spared from the list.

Cuzzy posted a very interesting article on Recycling – blog posts and articles that is. Check him out.

Need to know How Forums help in increasing blog traffic? The Guardian Angel wrote it pretty well.


Wondering what’s the similarity between Gay men and Women? The Brain – according to JPSimbulan‘s post. Interesting.

Want to make money from your blog? You got to be serious about it. Rhyan tells us why.

Also check out the new Team entry to the Busby SEO Challenge. Your support to the Busby SEO Challenge will be greatly appreciated – give the team some back link lovin.

And finally, the ultra-cool Supernoobice is discussing in two part-series how to become an Affiliate Marketing Rockstar, and wrote a nice piece on the Power of Thoughts.