Yahoo vs MicrosoftWe’re talking lots of money – more than US$47 Billion, and easily Yahoo! rejected Microsoft‘s latest bid to buy its online search operations. “Take it, or Leave it” and Yahoo chose to leave.
In its renewed bid, Microsoft tapped the person who seeks control of the Yahoo Board in its upcoming August 1 2008 meeting. Carl Icahn, an activist investor and a billionaire will probably be instrumental in Microsoft’s “hostile” bid attempt at Yahoo!

Seems Microsoft is hell bent in acquiring Yahoo Search, and replace its non-performing, out-dated MSN Search engine. Try to search the keyword “Miss Universe 2008” in MSN, and you will get results in the top pages articles that were more than 2 years old. Even an article with a phrase, “You are my universe” is included in its top search pages. LOL.

But what’s the possibility of Microsoft winning its bully-style of acquiring Yahoo!? There’s still a big chance – considering its just a matter of a few dollar difference between the bid and Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang‘s demand of US$37.00 per share. Currently, Microsoft’s bid is at US$33.00. That’s still a huge amount of money when all those shares are put together, but, acquiring Yahoo! will probably put a little scare on great Google.

Still, those are lots of money. Wondering when will Microsoft offer to buy to compete with Google’s Haha. It’s nice to dream.

Okay, gotta wake up now folks. Feel free to leave your comments.


News Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer