ZEN X-FiThe good thing about blogging is that you also get to know the latest gadgets in the market – and probably got some bucks to buy them through some of your online earnings. Last week, the new iPhone was released and in a few weeks, it should reach the Philippines. Hmmm, the more reason the Team Noobs got to win the Busby SEO Test and buy these stuffs.

Anyway, Creative is announcing its latest addition to the ZEN family of cool music gadgets – the ZEN X-Fi. It is the first of its entertainment player to be built using their state-of-the-art X-Fi technology – whatever that means, this new gadget does look cool. It is suppose to mimic the sound of high-end stereo speakers. It also comes with premium earphones, which offers excellent noise-isolation capability.

The new ZEN X-Fi comes in standard wired 8BG, and two wireless (yep! Look ma, no wires!) 16BG and 32GB. So you can now download and stream music and digital content from your PC in your home wi-fi network. Ohh, so it’s not yet capable connecting to the internet.  Price is USD441.98 for the 32BG, USD218.99 for 16GB and USD173.99 for the 8GB.


But if you want to get this for free, try your luck in playing their cool game The Perfect Note Challenge. The highest score wins the 32GB ZEN X-Fi, second prize winner gets the 8GB. If you got a whole town of friends, you get the chance to win the 16GB ZEN X-Fi if you invite them all and get them to play the game.

The person who got the most referrals will win. Uhhhmmm, by the way, here’s my “dismal” score: