The World In Your HandsWe all want to succeed in everything that we do. Achievement is everyone’s  dream.  No matter how small is your goal, getting it done successfully is like getting the whole world in your hands. You’re on top of the world – you feel fulfillment, joy, happiness.

But the road to success is long, winding one, full of humps and bumps, and crossings and intersections and obstructions. Adding the fact that you are not alone in going there, others do dream too, and the opportunities may not be enough for everyone.

Do you feel sometimes you just need to talk to someone and hear those words you already know, but hearing it from somebody gives you a different push, a different perspective, a different reaction, and a different action?

During those times when you are planning to do something, where you have lots of things to do to achieve your objectives –  you need to pause for a while, gather your thoughts, assess your progress and take the much needed boost to go on. You can talk to someone, or if there is no one to talk to, you can be creative. I do this by writing what I have in mind, giving myself a few doses of inspiration and comforting words. Thanks to blogging, I can share you my thoughts. And in this post I am talking about NOT giving up… Persistence.

This post may not be of interest to you anyway. These are just raw ramblings of a blogger, a dreamer, a persistent person. So you may want to indulge yourself anyhow. However if you come here to see the latest update on the 2008 Nursing Board Exam results, you can follow that link to get out from this page as fast as you can.

But if you choose to stay, read my mind. You may react – violent or not if you disagree.

Persistence is the key to endure failures and challenges. Just like a calm before a storm, you have to endure the storm and hope to see a brighter day afterwards.

Persistence gives you direction. You cannot be persistent when you’re not clear of your goals. And start small, easy goals that will lead to your ultimate objectives. It is surprisingly easy to achieve when you break them into small goals. Small victories – be persistent, but this keeps you on track of your direction.

Persistence gives you the will to go on. And the will to go on… not giving up is called Determination. If you feel your bored at what you’re doing, be persistent in looking for ways to improve yourself – like do something new.

Persistence is the key to Patience. And Patience is the greatest virtue of all. If you feel nobody is reading your blog, be persistent in posting good articles. Probloggers started from nothing.

Persistence is what makes a person “good” and more responsible. Insistence is not – it is more subjective. There is no shortcut to success and fame – well infamy, there is, but when people get bored and tired of you, they will simply forget you.

So if you have Grand Plans, remember that no matter who you are, even if people don’t believe that you can do it, even if you’re just a “small-time” dude, you can make it big as long as you believe you can do it and be persistent.  Remember great things came from small simple thinking.

If you see the opportunities are slim, and that everyone is on the same direction – be wise. Don’t compete, instead collaborate and work with others – if they don’t understand why, be persistent and they will eventually.

Coffee ThoughtsLastly, afraid of making decisions? Today I stumbled this little note while I was assessing the significant decisions I made over the past week.

“Your decision is almost right”. Is there such a right decision? I believe there isn’t. It’s how you work on what you have decided upon that will spell the difference between success and failure.