Influential BlogsFor quite sometime now, I have distanced myself from this contest from the Influential Blogger blog of Ms. Janette Toral. I just started blogging for real last January 2008 (my first blog, blogRebel was actually started in November 2007, but there’s not much content in there – I must admit, I am a poor writer, and shun socializing with bloggers online).

Last January when I registered this domain, I didn’t have any idea what to do with it. I just loved the way it sound – bloggista. And I thought the word Bloggista exactly describes a blogger, a passionate blogger at that. If Fashion is to a Fashionista, then Blog is to a Bloggista. So I decided to make a newbie blogger’s blog – about his journey towards making money online. In a span of 6 months, I have grown my website network to more than a dozen of websites – each slowly giving nice returns on investment.

Then several people nominated the Bloggista to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008. Exactly why I avoided this contest – Bloggista doesn’t want to put himself in the limelight – even for a few seconds. I was already having fun browsing through blogs, finding bloggers to idolize, spending so many hours a day thinking what to blog and how to blog. Bloggista just don’t want complications. Bloggista just want to exist in his own share of the blogosphere.

But then some nice people “wasted” a vote for a blogger who doesn’t want himself included – I am already happy with what I am doing… But should those votes be wasted? After some deep thinking – I decided to reconsider and instead recognize those people that made me buy my own domain, and made me prefer blogging over hours of online games, billiards and bar-hopping. And of course I should be giving justice to those kind enough to give me a vote.

So, in return, here’s my list of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008. The first 3 blogs are those blogs that influenced me to start my own blog. I have already visited their blogs even before I started blogging. Not included, unfortunately are the other blogs that influenced me a lot but are disqualified from being nominated because of the rule that says blogs nominated should be created between July 1, 2007 up to present. But still I want to mention them, they are: Pinoyambisyoso, Manilenya, Misyel and Unwritten Thoughts.

My top 3:

1.| Your Partner Online
2. Mga Kwentong Kengkay
3. Making Scenes, Cents and Sense

Bloggers that influenced me to strive to write better and inspired me to improve my blogging skills, contents and blog ideas – I also discovered their blogs when I already started blogging.

4. Blog From Cebu To The World
5. Humane Blogging Tips
6. Pinaymommy Online
7. WPThemeDesigner

So my list still needs 3 more to be complete. I intentionally left 3 slots for my readers to nominate someone. The 3 bloggers who got the top 3 nominations by 31st of July will complete the 8th, 9th, and 10th spots.

Which blog you would like me to nominate?

Final Update: Tan ta ran tan tannn! (LOL) – here are the last 3 nominees!

8. Ready To Be Rich

9. Bariles Republic

10. – shameful deed 🙂

Special Thanks to those who nominated me!

Jan Alvin, SoNn, Scotty’s Princess, Juler, Pinaymommy… Did I missed out anyone? 🙂