Google 1t!Still on Google. The official Google Blog announced an eye-popping, mind-boggling milestone recently that left their search engineers in awe – they have indexed a trillion unique URL’s on the world wide web at once!

Well they explained that they were not indexing all those trillion pages, as some of them are “duplicates” but still, the unique links they processed reach a trillion mark even after removing those duplicates. And in fact, its even more – they do not intend to count all, but only those links that are relevant to every search made on Google.

And by how many webpages the internet is growing everyday? Google estimates it to several billion pages a day! So its look like the world wide web is going to be a universe in itself for a few years from now.

Amazing, isn’t it? That’s a lot of potential money too – only shows the internet is so vast making money out of it still has promising outlook for the coming years.

Google knew the web is big – and to understand their challenges and how they’re making Google an effective search engine for everyone, better check their official blog.