SEO Traffic MoneyRecently, as part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experiment (inspired by the SEO experiments of the great SEO Teacher over at, I experienced what big time bloggers and webmasters probably experienced on their blogs and websites when they regularly get high volume of traffic.

The Nursing Board Exam 2008 Results posted on (my new blog site where I intend to blog about the buzz in blogosphere including current events, news – anything that a passionate blogger, or a bloggista finds interesting) generated more than 50,000 page views within the first 24-hours, and reached my personal milestone of 100,000 page views in less than a week.

I got to admit, I am still a newbie on blogging and driving traffic. I’m still learning how to write good articles – and drive regular traffic to my sites. And experiencing such traffic which is normal or even less for some was already awesome. That was more than 6 months worth of page views I got for and was just achieved by in just one day! Fairly unfair wasn’t it?

But that’s not the point here, but the truth about the equation SEO + Traffic = Money.  Although a bit late into the Nursing Results SEO game, Yahoo! gave it the most traffic as was consistently placed in top 3 on its page one Search Results for most keywords used.  Google contributed but not as much as Yahoo!’s.


Bottomline – learn SEO, drive more traffic and earn more money. Still, Google AdSense was the biggest money maker, followed by Kontera and AdBrite. Now I could only wonder how much those guys who placed top on Google search results pages got for page views and revenue.

Next project – the Busby SEO Challenge and bring home the US$5,000.00 prize money – LOL, in my dreams!