Politics and FreedomLately, the “most unpopular” President (of all time?) based on the recent survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) delivered her annual State of the Nation Address (SONA) in front of both Houses in Congress and was shown “live” on National Television.

As with previous SONA (and even on previous administrations), some people are marching in the streets protesting against the “lies” and “deceptions” and “fairy tales” contained in the SONA message. Some, as expected, delivered their own Kontra-SONA. While some were having a grand time of their lives in the “hallowed” halls of Congress on their best clothes and jewelries – in short, it was another circus on nationwide TV. Call it entertaining, boring show, horror flick, or an action-adventure-fantasy combo entertainment.

But President Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo, this time, earned my admiration. Whether her actions are good for the country is one thing every Filipino will reckon with once her term is up – but the fact that we Filipinos NEED a President (and Politicians) who doesn’t care if their actions are popular or not. Now going back to the SONA details – and why those deserved a space on this blog – precisely because those decisions made by the President affect us all – the way we earn our daily wages either from business, or employment.

Got to clarify I am not a PGMA fan – I did not voted for her. But some of the things she said in her SONA were backed with hard facts – yes, interest rates are low, the Peso is still strong despite rising fuel costs. At the start of the year, inflation was low. Now going back to Interest Rates – ask those people who have availed of bank financing for their houses – the decrease in interest rates gave them significant savings/reductions in monthly amortizations.

The VAT did something good for the country – while it may be difficult to make an ordinary Filipino understand its benefits, those who are educated should be able to appreciate its value. Now I know this statement will trigger debate among the “learned” and an abomination for some – but I think its time that we Filipinos open our hearts and minds and ears a little and rally altogether for the common good – and tell precisely why we think the Government’s programs are a phony and inutile and give factual suggestions and intelligent remarks on what to do – rather than dwell on rhetorics and ride on the public’s outrage and get attention and publicity.


Politics is a business. Running the government is a business. Unfortunately, it is sad to note that yesterday’s opposition is today’s administration, and today’s opposition will probably be tomorrow’s administration. So there is no real politics yet in our country – where politicians set aside personal preferences and convenience over the nations welfare.

Will the real street parliamentarians stand up and give your factual dose for this country’s ills?

Note: Apologies for the incoherent thoughts and poor use of the English language. It just another bloggista’s ramblins and random thoughts on Philippine Politics.