Bloggista BlogCatalogBeing new to blogging and in social networking, its great to meet and find new friends online. Everytime you open your blog site, it always feels nice to see new faces and old friends alike who took some time out to check your blog.

That’s what I felt upon joining BlogCatalog. After 5 minutes of sign-up and account verification process, voila! I already got new friends in my Friends list! This post is dedicated to the first 10 bloggers who tagged Bloggista a friend 🙂 .

My sincere appreciation to you, great Bloggista’s.

My Honor Roll (BlogCatalog user name displayed):

  1. IZEA
  2. kaulainais
  3. luishipolito
  4. Naturalwoman
  5. Cyberpenguin
  6. AVCr8teur
  7. aaidjs
  8. Jackpayne
  9. rob2e
  10. angelnoah

Thanks a lot!