Free Website Template For most part, getting a cool good looking website is a challenge to most webpreneurs and internet junkies. One aspect of driving good traffic and make your visitors stay in your website is attributed to having “handsome” looking web pages.

For internet entrepreneurs like me (well, after 6 months of regular online presence – I have considered myself an internet entrepreneur already and still trying to make money online), getting the best domain names and making them look good are essential to increase your chance of success.

And designing real good looking websites isn’t everyone’s thing – unless you’re a ChiQ Montes or a Brian Gardner. Fortunately, just a few googling and you would get a listing of thousands of websites offering free website templates. However not all free website templates are created equal – and the designs should not be restricted to just a few theme and appearance. The website template, even if it’s free, should give your site a unique personality, and represents your idea of having a great looking website.

This blog is using a free template but it’s the closest to represent my preferences on how my site should look like. Even if it’s free, and probably lots of other bloggers are using the same template, somehow if you’re a regular visitor here, you immediately identify the site once it gets loaded (well, I’m transferring to a new host for a faster performance – but it’s a different story I got to write soon).

Another advantage of free website templates is that you can deploy your website easily and fast you can actually build your dot com empire quickly. Gone were the days that you’ll get stuck with one poorly designed website because you can’t find or keep a good website designer. Free website templates give you the flexibility to deploy great looking websites easily, and even change its look more often compared to building your site form scratch.

So next time you’re building your new dot com site, check out for free website templates providers that offer hundreds of “free” choices – and with really professional looking and quality designs. That way, even if the website template is free, your site doesn’t look cheap. Perhaps, when you’re starting to earn some cool moolahs, it’s not bad to shell out a few bucks and get access to even thousands of designs and quality selections of website templates that you can download and use freely.