Pardon for committing the crime of “duplicity”. I have posted this at my blogRebel personal blog but I wanted this message to reach as much people and perhaps, by the power of ‘Blogging” some things will change for the better.

Maybe I could use blogging to bring out an ordinary citizen’s complaint to the appropriate government agencies.

Over the past 5 months, my Consulting job required me to travel in major cities and provinces around the country as Project Manager for a Sales and Distribution system implementation on a large multinational beverage company. I have taken more than 30 flights since then.

PALEverytime I fly (taking Philippine Airline flights most of the time), I usually bring my car and park it at the Centennial 2 airport or just being driven to and then fetched from the airport. Sometimes (since the Client would just shoulder the cost), I’d take the Airport transport service which normally charges thrice or even 5 times the usual cab fare.

It was only the last two flights (recent trips) that I did not brought a car, or did not asked to be fetched, and chose not to take the Airport transport service, instead, I went up the stairs at the Departure area of the NAIA Centennial Terminal 2 to take a cab. Unlike in Bangkok or in Singapore or in most other countries’ airports, there’s no Taxi Lane at the arrival area of the NAIA Centennial Airport! If you want a cab ride, you have to go up the Departure area and wait for cabs dropping off passengers. Empty taxi cabs are not allowed entry in NAIA Centennial Airport

The first time I took a cab was 3 weeks ago, and it took me 20 minutes before I got my ride. The second time, last weekend, it took me more than an hour! I was sweating, getting a cab took longer than my flight time from Tacloban. You have to beat it out with so many other people! If you are a nice person, then there is no chance you can get yourself a ride. But I couldn’t bare the thought of getting a ride over other passengers with children, or those elderly couple who, perhaps, have been there taking their chances longer than mine.

Beat your rideThen I saw a cab coming with a passenger inside I did beat the other 2 or 3 guys and some ladies (I held on the door of the cab while it was still moving!). Finally I got my ride after more than an hour of fighting it out. With all the feeling of comfort, I threw my backpack and myself inside and told the drive of my destination. My relief suddenly turned into an instant outburst when the driver (Cab Plate No. PXG-593) told me he’s gonna be charging double. I am used to paying extra fare but I hated it when taxi drivers ask upfront.

After uttering some real nice ‘curses’, I got off the cab and slammed the door with all my might! Perhaps it was Karma, I thought. But there is no way I can go home without being tough and inconsiderate to other people.

I was so disgusted at the thought of all this time, I was unaware of what other people have to bare whenever they arrive at the NAIA Centennial airport. Airports in Cebu or Davao and even in other less progressive cities have taxi lanes. NAIA doens’t have any! Its my beloved country’s gateway to the world and it doesn’t have taxi lane! What a bummer!

I have never been so angry and so disgusted in my life regarding theLola at the airport inefficiencies of several government services. You would probably feel what I felt by looking at the picture – an elderly woman who has been there waiting for more than an hour!

I managed to assist her lady companion in getting a ride. Then probably that little act of kindness was rewarded when I finally got my ride – the driver was smiling, no questions asked – off he drove me away from that miserable place!

I am proud of this country, despite of its many flaws, the reason I display my flag at my blog’s very prominent place. I dream of being able to send this message to the right people – and quick actions be taken. It’s time to change, people!

Bai Ace D. (DOT), na-unsa man ni bai? Kinahanglan ang imo tabang.

~ blogRebel