Today, I am launching “officially” the Sponsorship to the Best Definition of Bloggista Contest announce a week ago. It’s good to know some people and parties are actually interested in making a Sponsorship of the said contest and a big thanks to everyone.

As announced, there will only be 3 Major Sponsors and 5 Minor Sponsors that can be accommodated so as not flood the participants with so many links on their sites. For those who still want to sponsor (EC credits, hosting, domains, etc.) even if you’re not included in the Major and Minor Sponsors, I will still include your link as Sponsors however, the participants have a choice not to include it in their posts – hope it’s okay.

Now what you’ll gonna get as a Sponsor:

What you’ll get? Quality backlinks from 5 of my ranked sites (well, they’re just PR2-PR3 but it should be fine anyway), backlinks from participants, and RSS subscribers for Major Sponsors and the chance to be part of this historic event (LOL). The best offers get the slots.”

Interested to be a Sponsor?

Contact Bloggista! Sponsorship slots are limited and are open until 31-Aug-2008 only. So shoot your most generous gesture and join the fun.

I just intend to make this contest very simple and straightforward. The reason why there’s a limit to just 50 words. Lastly, just to remind everyone, here is the mechanics of the Contest:

  1. Give your best definition of the word “Bloggista” (noun) not exceeding 50 words and not exceeding 3 sentences. Note: Make sure the word is Bloggista and not Blogista. 🙂
  2. Provide a sample usage of Bloggista in a short sentence.
  3. Post your entry in your Blog and leave a comment on this post with the URL of your entry.
  4. Also include at the last part of your Post the following:

This is an entry to the “Search for the Best Definition of Bloggista” sponsored by:

Sponsors (check back for the final list of Sponsors). Don’t worry, sponsors will only be limited to the following:

  1. Major Sponsors (3)
  2. Minor Sponsors (5)