Previously, I have featured one of the hottest Jobs in the Industry today, particularly the areas of Information Technology and Business Consulting – the ERP Consulting. Part Two of our series of hot Jobs that one might consider worthy to explore is ERP Technical Consulting. We all know that Information Technology Jobs are still hot these days, however, salaries of IT Professionals, especially in the Philippines have considerably declined over the past 5 years now. Still, there are more opportunities waiting for each IT-related course graduate than Nursing graduates – and that’s the harsh truth.

So if you are considering switching to a new career, or if you are still a student, you may want to arm yourself with the necessary skills and training to get a career in ERP Technical Consulting. Below are the top careers you might want to consider:

Database Administrator. DBA’s are one of the highest paying IT Technical Job, especially if you are an ERP Database Administrator (System and Application DBA). Oracle DBA is at the forefront of the highest paying DBA’s, even higher than most ERP Business Consultants. Oracle Database is popularly used by many large business worldwide to run applications and business systems like Oracle Applications, and even its rival SAP Applications. IBM also has its own Database, the DB2 running on Linux, Unix and Windows and its DBA’s are equally in demand and highly paid, especially if one is a Certified DBA. Others are Microsoft DBA’s, Sybase DBA’s and Linux DBA’s (offshoot of Oracle or DBA DBA’s for Linux Operating Systems).

Developers and Programmers. Developers are more in demand than programmers. Although the two terms are sometimes interchangeably used, but Developers refer to somebody who design/write programs, reports and application modules from gathered requirements and write the code, test it with users for acceptance and deploy the program or report. The Programmer is simply referred to as somebody who write the program code, and normally somebody else is doing the testing and user acceptance process. Oracle, SAP and IBM Developers lead the most highly paid Developer Professionals, followed by Web Developers (Java, PHP) and Microsoft Developers and Programmers (Visual Tools, C#, .Net Programmers, etc.). So a word of advice, if you want to earn more and get better opportunities, better acquire skills for Oracle, SAP and IBM Tools, or learn Java and PHP.

Good ‘ol RPG, Mainframe and Midrange Professionals. Surprisingly, IBM AS/400 Professionals can still get high salaries (although opportunities are limited). If you are still good at RPG Programming, or AS/400 management you can still command a good price for your “classic and nearly extinct” skills. Pun not intended.

What’s not In?

Programming languages like C, Visual Basic, Basic are things of the past and you need to equip yourself with the newer programming tools like, C#, Java, PHP and learn Apache and databases like mySQL, Microsoft SQL, Linux, DB2 and of course Oracle.

If you are an Assembly expert, perhaps you can use that in some other ways but most often than not, nobody gonna need it anymore. You may try learn a thing or two on Open Source systems like Linux and Ubuntu.