No doubt the Entrecard system rocks! For a new site like Bloggista, it helped a lot in generating visitors each day. After just 20 days of launching, this site now enjoys close to 200 visitors on the average per day! Not bad – though for some it might not be a good number, but for a newbie (like me), this is already outstanding.

I have also thought that placing my Entrecard on top of my blog would be smart. And I came across several blogs telling people to put their Entrecards on top of the blog for easy access to Entrecard droppers. One blog is from Bendz. Go check it out.  He came up with a good system to enable entrecard droppers to easily make their regular droppings. I’m sure lots of people will be able to devise even better ways to drop entrecards on various websites – and Bloggista is cooking up something on this one too.

So what is Entrecard system all about? It’s simple, you sign-up for your own blog/site “business card” or entrecard and display this on top of your blog site. When an entrecard holder visits your blog, he can drop his own entrecard by clicking on your entrecard and you both get a point for each drop. The more people dropping their Entrecards in your site, the more points you earned. Of course you gonna be hoarding even more points when you drop your own entrecard on other people’s blog.

Those points you earned can make you buy for some advertisement spots on your choice blogs or websites who display entrecards on their sites. Thus giving you good exposure and definitely generate traffic in the process.

Better check out Entrecard and sign up for your own entrecard – and be ready to have your own 125×125 blog or site logo for this one. And make sure to put your entrecard on top of your blog for easy dropping by other entrecard members.

Now that’s what making all these madness lately. And yeah, it rocks!