Got to be honest, the first time I heard about Ubuntu was sometime April of this year over at Archon-Digital‘s blog when he made an article of his switch to Ubuntu. Even after reading his post, I still didn’t get the idea of what exactly Ubuntu is all about.

It was only two months later in June when I had a chat with an Indian Consultant of a popular Business Planning Software in one of my Semiconductor Clients that made me do some little online research – and then went back reading Archon’s article all over again and those were enough to make me an Ubuntu User wannabe. Still, I didn’t bothered to try it out since I don’t have a system that I can play with at that time. The desktop at home is always busy with the “other” users, and I cannot afford half a day downtime with my laptop.

Finally, last week, I had a date with Ubuntu, and with those very rare events of my life – I got tied up and committed to it. Since I was launching my new business – it was necessary to buy some office equipments. I managed to buy 3 laptops – an Acer and 2 Lenovos (I’m adding two more Lenovos this week). Also, my friend Zymo helped me build my PC Server – an 8GB workhorse with two 700GB hard drives (for RAID setup) with a Quad Core processor. I was happy with the Server Cost as I only paid Php48,500 (a little over USD1,000.00) complete with a 19″ Acer LCD Monitor, and a UPS plus other freebies.

Then came the hard part – the Acer laptop came with a bundled Windows Home Vista and a trial Microsoft Office, but the Lenovos were all trial softwares. The Windows XP license costs around Php7,000+ and another Php5K-7k for Microsoft office each. What the @#$@! But I couldn’t allow installing unlicensed Software anyway so I was about to decide buying the licenses when I remembered Ubuntu. Alright got to try Ubuntu then was my decision. The Server will run on Linux so it wasn’t a problem.

And that decision came with a Vision – my new IT Company will be an advocate of Open Source Systems. Ubuntu is an Open Source System – a Linux System for Human Beings. I instructed my two colleagues to install Ubuntu and make sure it works. After a few trials and Ubuntu installation upgrades, the Lenovos all look good with Ubuntu on it. The graphics, the sound, the wifi – everything worked perfectly well.

So in non-technical terms, what is Ubuntu? Think of Windows XP or Windows Vista – it is supposed to work just like that – the difference is it’s FREE to use. Whether my decision to use Ubuntu is sound business decision – that will be assessed in the coming days.

Check out my next post on the details about Ubuntu, including Installation, Features, Look and Feel.