Since this blog site’s “soft” launch last 10th of January, I haven’t really selected a specific theme to blog about. Several activities are currently being worked on so can have one real nice full site launch- soon.

What have I done during the first 20 days?

    • Launched the ‘Create Blog‘ option so interested bloggers (especially the new ones) can create their own blog for free.
    • Launched the ‘Blog Resources‘ page to provide new bloggers some quick guide to generate revenue from their own blogs. This will be developed into a full-featured Blogging Guide – from creating a blog, selecting a theme design, activating plug-ins to putting ads on their site.
    • Signed up with top social and blog networking sites (BlogCatalog, Entrecard, and somebody ‘Stumbled upon’ so I also signed up with Stumble-upon.
    • Registered with Technorati and put on some widgets to track rank status.
  • > Alexa: improved to 2, 046, 872 from 11, 294, 989
    > Technorati: now at 360, 865 from 731, 678
    > Google: N/A

    • Launched the Bloggista Group Toolbar where any blogger interested in getting listed in the Toolbar can register their site url and description. See Bloggista Toolbar post for details.
    • Most of all, Bloggista gained lots of friends in its first 20 days of existence.

Now, what lies ahead of Bloggista? It’s not easy for a guy who just started this blogging stuff to really determine what to blog about – but based on my original concept that made me start this blog site, I can now focus on these 3 major things:

  1. Blogging Resources for Noob Bloggers like me (guides, tips, revenue, seo, reference blogs)
  2. Blog Review
  3. Bloggista Group (events, offers, promotions, tools)

Are these stuff in line with my ultimate goal? I think they are my keys to attaining my objective.

More from soon!