How much does the Philippine President get paid? Currently, the Philippine Republic President is receiving Php60,000.00 (about USD1,333.33 at Php45.00 to 1 USD exchange rate) monthly. This is how much I pay for a mid-senior Developer/Programmer (PHP/Java) monthly. If compared to the President of the United States, as of 2001, the US President’s salary is about USD400,000.00 annually – or almost 3,000% higher than his Filipino counterpart.

But it doesn’t make sense to compare the salaries of a US President against a Philippine President. It doesn’t make sense at all why for just Php60,000.00 monthly, politicians are “dying” and spending millions and even billions of pesos to become a Philippine President.

Of course the reasons are obvious, aside from being the “Most Powerful Person” of the land, you get the opportunity to serve. (Laughing my ass out loud). Plus, you get to live in the Malacanang Palace, the most secured residence in the country. Also, you get Billions of pesos in Discretionary and Development funds, and other Budget Allocations at your disposal.

If you are greedy and play with the Devil, you get access to billions of pesos worth of contracts and government spendings and purchases – which perhaps could offer you some nice commission and “tong-pats.” If you are not greedy and shun Evil, chances are some of your relatives and friends and even family members do the tango and dance the cha-cha with the Demons.

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Last week, Government Officials from the Malacanang thru the DBM proposed an increase of wages and salaries of government workers. Some officials also hinted that because of the low salary of the Philippine President as mandated in the 1986 Constitution, government employees increases cannot go as high as well. Funny, but probably true.

Whether you agree or not to the reasoning, the question remains: Should the President of the Republic be given a Salary raise? Forget about performance and honesty and credibility – which is very important key indicators in the private industries when it comes to giving additional benefits and salary increases. One gets fired in the private sector if you lack those.

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