Currently, is working on allowing all bloggistas to upload photos and images, including videos directly into their posts using the ‘UPLOAD” function. This is still currently in progress.

In the meantime, it is strongly recommended that you use an external photo/image gallery as the source of your photos/images so that your blog space won’t eat so much valuable space for your posts. Below are some of the popular photo/image gallery available:

  • > Flickr
  • > Facebook
  • > Or , you can register a FREE account at myPhotos and upload all your photos/images there. With myPhotos, you can:
      • Create public and private albums/subalbums
      • Choose from different image & album themes
      • Easily upload many types of images ( JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.)
      • Also upload videos

More: To insert photos/images into your blog posts, see:

Inserting Images into your Posts