September 8, 2008 marks the 8th month that went live online and thanks goodness, still alive and blogging till today. Started on a very challenging niche on “Making Money Online“, this blog has evolved a bit to include posts on my favorite sports, techs and gadgets and some SEO experiments. However, this blog will still focus on Making Money Online and Offline opportunities, guides and resources.

To date, even though it’s not at par with the other big-earning bloggers, I am already contented with the average monthly income of USD400 to USD600, plus close to 30 domains all in all. This newbie has certainly proven to himself that there’s indeed money in blogging – but it takes lots of hardwork and patience, and socializing with other bloggers. It’s not as easy as others claim – like earning money from blog for 3000USD overnight. It’s a total lie.

And it is even more difficult to succeed online without the help of fellow bloggers and online friends who religiously visit your site, lurking or leaving comments, and giving you those much needed backlinks. Thus, starting end of September, inspired by my Idol Blogger Bro. Ambo of Pinoytek, I will be rewarding the Top 10 Commenters with some ‘little” goodies – 50 EC’s each plus a chance to win a Domain name of your choice (sorry, hosting is not included, but you can get one here for almost free* – hehe). The Top Commenter will receive USD15.00 via PayPal, and is also included in the Domain raffle using is now also among the Top 50 Blogs in the Philippines, based on Alexa Rank in August. It was a breakout in August but I’m expecting a roller-coaster ride at the tail-end until probably this blog improves its Alexa to another 10K. Also, Bloggista is one of the Top 200 Websites in the Philippines – and I am hoping I would be able to maintain that, if not, improve further. These are not big accomplishments, as other blogs rank better – but are enough to motivate this Newbie Blogger who started from nothing 8 months ago.

Again, all these will not be possible without the help of my fellow bloggers and online friends. Without their backlinks and link love, it would be hard to achieve a Google Page Rank of 3 from nothing and a good Alexa Rank (currently close to 180,000: Quick Info: Alexa is ranking more than 22 Million websites regularly and it is growing). So its time to return the favo and link lovin’. This edition of Linky Love Round-up goes to:

Empty Streets: It’s a way of Life

Metz of Empty Streets provided me some backlinks over the last 4 weeks. Those were Chores You Absolutely Hate To Do – especially on a saturday and A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award and recently, the Crystal Rose Award (check the Banner Story Image) which won me 2,000 Entrecard Credits!!! and a display of my big B 125×125 banner on his lovely Blog. Truly amazing isn’t it?

Blog Building Link from is relatively new Sports Blog, but their success is mindboggling. Their posts can bring in hundreds of thousands of pageviews, and they land in Digg‘s front page from time to time. I don’t know the guys who are collectively called “Cuzzy” but they sure like and featured this blog several times already. If you check out their blog at, one would envy seeing those hundreds if not thousands of people reading the blog all at the same time. Their latest Blog Building Links included along with the much bigger Blog and Websites, the likes of Tech Crunch, The Blogging Experiment, PC Magazine, Dean Hunt and many more. | Taking a Byte Out of Technology, as described on their blog, is a technology news site aimed at the general public, particularly at the technology-enthusiast. They love to munch at the latest technology news – softwares, security, gadgets, hardware, computers, etc. and deliver them fresh on their blog. It’s a group blog however Frank is a good blogging friend and Stumbleupon buddy.

Rashieka | The Little Girl Blogger

Blog Award is the blog of Joanjoyce’s little girl. What a nice way for a nice and loving Mom to expose her child to the wonders of technology. Its tagline is – “where playing goes hi tech.” This also served as my inspiration to get – it will be online very soon.

Other Blogs on the Honor Roll:

Thanks again, and more link lovin next time.