No, I’m not going to Spam you, nor I am going to patronize Spammers, but at times I just couldn’t help but laugh upon looking at my Akismet Spam Tab of my blog, where hundreds of spam comments and trackbacks are being eaten up by this simple yet powerful Blog Spam police.

Since my anti-Spam Akismet is set to capture and arrest comments with more than one link to another sites, a few valid comments are also moderated each day  – that is why I spend a few minutes browsing thru the Spam comments and rescue those valid comments from vanishing into oblivion.

The Spammers are really diligent these days, thanks to softwares and auto-comment bots that made it even easier to submit comments automatically to hundreds of blogs all at the same time. Most spam comments and messages are all about porn sites and sex subjects (all types you can think of, including dogs, horses and cats – I haven’t seen mice and earthworms included yet on their super long list), pills (viagra, * enlargers), medicines (tramadol), gambling and casinos, and bad credits among others.

Some Spam comments are too long it could make one book chapter. An example is the common porn/sexual comment below. Note – I took the liberty to replace obscene terms and words with * (asterisk) to make this post child friendly:

Check out * * * * in * * * * additionally * * * * * and * * *, *, *, * on * * * , * *, * *.***********************.*******. Amazing isn’t it? Some comments are gibberish, and needs some translation, like “???????? ????????? ?????????????.”

Spam comments are certainly a normal sight each day for most bloggers. In fact, others would even consider it a spam even if they know the person who commented when leaving comments such as:

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Some spam comments looked like valid comments at first, but checking at the URL link, you would know its a spam. But still other sites look like nice sites too, and the comments are almost sensible, just like this one:

This is a very informative post. Thanks for the information i will certainly apply your recommendation…

I was about to click on the NOT SPAM tick-box when I noticed which post this comment was left for: It was for my post about the President of the Philippines’ Salary Increase.

More sample Spam comments goodness. Enjoy!

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