Recently, Joanjoyce’s entrecard spent a whole day at Joanjoyce has a nice blog, widgets nicely arranged, and posts were beautifully crafted, with lots of sense (and cent$ for $sure). Indeed a joyful reading! Also, Bloggista is brought to Texas by Texas Travel blog. Go check it out!

At the same time, Bloggista is in company with the teen scientists on their Scientific Journey. Good thing Bloggista is just as teen-friendly as ever, thus earned a slot with these brilliant kids.

If some are being accurate, this one is going to be more discerning. Life is Risky carried the red Bloggista Group simple banner for a day. The blog talks about gadgets and techs and popular stuff.

Lastly, this one should be watched out for. The blogger is going for a world domination! Take a look at her Futile Attempts towards world domination, err being interesting. This one is a consistent, regular entrecard dropper, and probably my neighbor.

And oh, hmmm, don’t know what he was doing, but John Chow was also sighted and left his popular avatar in my MyBlogLog widget. No matter what you were doin, JC, it’s an honor…

John Chow