Today, scientists at CERN have switched on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) –  a massive underground laboratory smashes protons together and analyzes the sub-atomic debris that results. The project, housed in a 27-kilometer (16.9-mile) circular tunnel near Geneva, aims at resolving some of the greatest mysteries in physics, and re-creating the time “a second after the Big Bang event” which many scientists believed happened some billions of years ago.

A Legal fight was put up trying to stop the scientists from proceeding the planned event today – fearing that the process triggers a mini-blackhole that may tear the earth apart – thus marking the end of the world.

Well, after much fanfare, nothing happened. Although it was dubbed succesful, but nothing much happened – no blackhole, God’s existence is still not disproved. The elusive God Particle – or the Higgs Boson is nowhere to be found – not yet, as still a series of tests and a major event is also set come 10 of October of this year.

On the other hand, after two days of mourning for the sudden disappearance of my Google Page Rank, today I got my Google PR 3 back. Perhaps this was an effect of the LHC experiment, somehow it sucked up my Google PR in its mini blackhole for a while. I even asked Joliber over at to check my PR – and he also noticed the PR0 yesterday. I thought there was a Google Page Rank update first week of September and Google took away my precious PR.

A blogger’s shallow happiness, but I am so glad I got it back today.

Check out the Large Hadron Collider video after the jump.