Way back in May, 2008 I got the privilege to be one of a limited number of Google Adsense Publishers that were given the chance to test drive Google Ad Manager. I must say its a great way to publish and manage your Ads if you have a network of websites – and at the same time have the flexibility of displaying Google-served ads from your Google Adsense account.

Today, Google announced in its AdSense Blog that the Google Ad Manager service is now available for everyone – with Google Adsense accounts that is. Several new features were also added. A snippet from the Adsense Blog announcement:

  • Interface available in 32 languages: Do you prefer to work in Turkish or Vietnamese or Hungarian? Now you can! Ad Manager supports international currencies, too.
  • Ad network management: Easily manage your third-party ad networks in Ad Manager to automatically maximize your network driven revenue.
  • Automatic macro insertion: Save time and avoid tagging errors since Ad Manager now automatically detects and inserts macros from most popular 3rd party vendors.
  • Creative preview on live site: Preview the look and feel of ads on your live site to ensure ads look as expected before you start the campaign.
  • Day and Time Targeting: Don’t want your orders to run on weekends? No problem. With day and time targeting, you can set any new line items you create to run only during specific hours or days, or as little as 15 minutes per week. Use day and time targeting in addition to geography, bandwidth, browser, user language, operating system, domain and custom targeting.

So if you want to centralize and standardize all of your Ads for all of your Sites, you can try out some other Ads Server applications, or you can opt to take advantage the features and flexibility of Google Ad Manager – now open for everyone without any special invite to join.

Click here to learn more about the Google Ad Manager.