Recently, newbie Bloggista learns something from blogging (aside from creating great contents – an every bloggista dream):

QuestionNewbie bloggers should not – ever leave a comment on a pro blogger’s blog if not invited.

Answer Lesson learned: You will definitely be ridiculed by that pro blogger. Your supposedly good-intentioned, no-malice comments will become a pro blogger’s hit for the day. And you will be thrown like free snack to the pro blogger’s swarm of readers and commentators.

Answer Another lesson learned: Not all bloggers take free snacks.

QuestionNewbie bloggers should not leave a url link on a pro blogger’s blog – even on a chatbox.

Answer Lesson learned: Only the pro blogger has the right to put links on his/her blog. If you do so, then you are a spammer. You get to ride on the pro blogger’s popularity and ranking – which is, according to the pro blogger, is rude…unethical…

Answer Another lesson learned:  Its stupid to leave your url link on somebody else’s (especially on a pro blogger’s)  blog when your blog has a higher page rank anyway – stupid noob!. Don’t ever leave your url link again – blogRebel… stupid noob!

QuestionDon’t mess up with the passionate bloggers – who’s not going for the money anyway.

Newbie bloggers should not be stupid enough to praise a pro blogger, else he’ll be accused of accusing the passionate, talented pro blogger of being just after the money – of just getting paid of the things that pro blogger loves to do.

Answer Lesson learned: Passionate, talented pro bloggers don’t do it for the money. They think it’s a shitty bull shit of taking advantage of their thousands of loyal readers by putting crap ads  and product promotion shits on their blogs. Which will make you wonder how could a newbie blogger accuse a pro blogger of such…

Answer Another lesson learned: Just avoid praising and commending pro-bloggers, even if you are just simply appreciating the pro blogger’s blogging prowess. No matter how pure your intention is – you are just a newbie, and one stupid noob at that.

So don’t talk shit – noobs.