So Graham Langdon is selling Entrecard. He made his announcement in his Entrecard blog, and the starting bid was put at US$100,000.00 at the Sitepoint Marketplace. Whether Langdon is serious or not, it seems his decision to sell the blog network site with over 80 Million impressions per month, and over 100,000 blogs exchanging ads using 125×125 banner widget is something that he doesn’t want to do if only circumstances would allow.

According to Langdon, his desire to keep the site up and running would cost him a lot and giving it to a company with enough resources and money is just the right thing to do to continue serving the thousands of blogs in its network. But with the failed negotiations with Venture Capitalists lately left him wrecked, and he’s still not back to his feet, and he’s come into a stalemate and could not keep up with Entrecard’s growth.

Graham Langdon isn’t new to selling a site which started to be some brilliant idea and became successful. He sold for some nice amount of money (not sure if he made about US$50,000.00) from that – and it is supposed to stay alive for 15 years but now it’s dead. Some people are thinking that Langdon may have come to realize the slow demise of Entrecard’s popularity and is seeing the opportune time to sell it – while it still bites. Many issues and controversies were hurled against Entrecard recently, but its loyal members (including me) stick to it and even wrote lots of articles about the benefits of using Entrecard and how to improve the EC dropping community among others.

I have not been active with Entrecard dropping and advertising lately. I have not been to the Forums site. I used to be a regular EC dropper and ‘forumer’. But due to tight and busy skeds, I have skipped dropping save for some sites that have dropped on my EC widgets, and of course my friends’ sites as well.

Graham claims Entrecard is currently enjoying 80 million impressions, 85,000 uniques, 3.25 Million page views, and US$2,000.00 revenue per month. Figures that each interested buyer has to verify. Do you think Entrecard would be a good site for anyone with the money to buy?

What is Entrecard?

Entrecard is blog network site that thrives on advertising. You put a widget on your site, and you earn Entrecard Credit for each Entrecard Member who visits your blog and make an EC drop on your 125×125 banner widget. You also earn one Entrecard Credit when you visit other EC members’ sites and drop on their EC widgets. These EC credits can be accumulated to buy advertising slots on other blogs’ EC widget. For example, currently, the cost to advertise on is 128 EC per day. My EC widget is placed at the top-left sidebar. You can either make a drop, click on the advertised 125×125 banner to visit the advertised blog (then make another EC drop), and/or make an advertising booking on this blog, which is currently 6 days – meaning, when you advertise today, your 125×125 banner will displayed on my EC widget  6 days from now.

You can make up to 300 drops per blog, and you can have several blogs linked to several EC accounts. The Entrecard Credits can also be used to purchase items at the Entrecard marketplace, or can be used as a reward for comments and prize for contests. EC credits can also be sold, ranging from 3USD to 6USD per 1000 EC credits. In essence, Entrecard is a micro-economy, where members can trade – buy, sell, exchange, gift entrecard credits to one another.

But one thing that made Entrecard attractive to blogs, especially to new bloggers – is its ability to bring in traffic to a blog. By purchasing EC advertising slots on various blogs, and/or by making drops to several blogs hoping that those whom you dropped EC’s will reciprocate and drop on your EC widget as well, thus, giving you traffics at the same time. While many have criticized that the traffic generated are superficial and lead to high-bounce rates, still many bloggers find Entrecard a helpful tool to get traffic and to get noticed in blogosphere. is in fact, thankful to Entrecard and its community – because that’s where I found all my blog friends – from the Philippines and all over the world.