While Dyimz shared his experiences on how the internet saved his @$$, I am sharing my experience on how Google AdSense gave me shelter. The post title seemed to be amplified but Google AdSense did give me a place to stay when I needed it most.

I went to Batangas (about 110 kilometers from Manila) last Thursday with a colleague to conduct a business process and requirements review of a client of this new Oracle project. I learned only about this activity the day before – and as with my previous business trips – I only grabbed my small travel backpack enough for 2-3 days. All are just clothings – personal hygiene stuff. Soaps, shampoos, towels are not included since accommodations are always provided complete with these stuffs already.

The trip to the client’s site in San Roque, Batangas via STAR highway took only an hour and a half drive from Makati – a big improvement than my previous trips in the area: 6 or 7 years ago, it was about 5 hours drive to reach the area, then travel time was just 3 hours when the first segments of STAR highway (Sto. Tomas up to Lipa City) was opened about 4-5 years ago. Today, the STAR highway is extended up to Batangas City so the travel time from Sto. Tomas to Batangas City, which used to be about 3-4 hours some years ago, is now reduced to just 30-45 minutes.

We were in time for the 9:0am scheduled meeting. It was a productive first day, and a very exhausting one as expected. Unfortunately, the executive houses of the client were all occupied (as there were also other Consultants) and we were assigned to a common dormitory about 2 kilometers from the plant. Seeing the place – a two-bed room, which was relatively okay, except for the common comfort room shared by 2-3 more rooms. I can sleep on a chair, as long as there’s a comfy CR, so at around 8pm, I decided to look for a more comfortable place to stay.

However, my cash was just Php1,500.00 – I normally don’t bring big cash when I travel, since everything is paid for by clients. We learned after some calls that there’s a nice hotel in Batangas City, about 14 kilometers from San Roque town – but I was so sure my cash is not enough to get us rooms for the night. As we entered Batangas City, a big yellow Western Union sign of a popular pawnshop chain caught my attention – and I remembered Google sent me a payment via Western Union several weeks back. Fortunately, I copied the transfer code or MTCN # on my phone. The guy at the counter was extra friendly – after filling up the forms, showed my ID – he gave me close to Php10K of hard moolahs.

The exchange rate was just 46.80 pesos to a dollar – but you wouldn’t mind losing a few pesos with the exchange rate when you needed some cash ‘aight? There was also a tax charge of Php1.50 for every thousand pesos money received – still, fine with me.

So we had a good, comfy place for that night. The food buffet was great – we had enough cash to pay for grilled fresh seafood combo (with tuna, tilapia, mussels, etc), grilled pork and chicken, and some bottles of ice cold great tasting dark beer – while enjoying 3 sets of live band performance. Just some simple “great things” blogging and Google AdSense could bring.

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Happy weekend, everyone!