Ever since I started blogging (3rd week of November, 2007), I always wanted to have my own domain and hosting – a dream that came a reality a month after. It was in December that I got my own site ( http://on-myweb.com ) through the small earnings that I generated during that period – plus a little extra cash.

For just USD4.95 a month, I had my first domain (free with the package), with unlimited emails, 1.5 Terrabytes of web space, 15 Terrabytes of bandwith, complete with Blogging softwares and other great add-ons. Plus, it allows me to host up to 25 domains – at no additional cost!

It was in January (last month) that I bought another domain https://bloggista.com for just USD6.50! Yes! I thought it was a bargain, plus I felt Bloggista.com is a premium domain name.

I’m still working on these websites contents – but all of these are hosted at iPower. Check out iPower’s great hosting deal this month – only until Valentines Day! For just USd4.95 a month (iPower Pro Plan), it’s definitely a bargain.

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