You’re might be the cutest girl in town, but using your “cutie” email address in your Resume and Job Application form might be a potential turn-off by many Job Hunters. It is alright if you are using “” in your Facebook or mySpace profile, but never in your resume.

You have crafted the best resume ever – with all the right fonts and margin and an impressive work experience, but your email address reads “”, it could be a potential disaster. Although there is no “written rule” about proper email addresses in resume’s/CV’s, but common sense tell it is always safe and more professional to use a professional sounding email address, perhaps using your name is always the best.

But for common names, you might really have a hard time getting the right email address. If your name is John Doe, for example, chances are, somebody already got that email name in the popular free online email service providers like Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. So it might be alright to use but avoid using

I have talked to several notable Recruiters and Headhunters and they all prefer that email addresses in Resume’s/CV’s and job applications should be at least something that aren’t vulgar, or narcissistic or “cutie”.

So the next time you send that resume, be sure your email name isn’t “cooldude”, “well_hung”, “dominator”, “sweet_16”, “honeypie42”, “emo_19sweet”, “narutokid21”, “fire-eater82″… – you know what I mean.