Entrecard created several fuss lately, indeed! Critics claim that Entrecard doesn’t give you real traffic – as droppers are just dropping entrecards like bombs and leave your site quickly. John Cow and the others already made their last drop, and vowed never to use it again.Entrecard

However, fans of Entrecard are looking at a different point of view. Does the Entrecard revolutionizes the way traffics are being generated? Perhaps the Pro’s may have their point – even me, I don’t really spend too much time on a site after dropping my entrecard – but I should say because of Entrecard, I have seen lots of good blogs where I bookmarked and find useful for newbie bloggers like me.

Now that I said my point – yes, I am a great fan of Entrecard. Through Entrecard, I have met people from all over blogosphere. And through Entrecard, this very new site generated that much needed traffic. So how does a newbie blogger and his new blog site keep up with the Pro? Of course content and design and theme and those stuffs matter, but for traffic and improving the site’s rankings (Alexa, Technorati and perhaps even Google), Entrecard is a valuable tool.

Now speaking of visiting blogs and dropping entrecards, a lot of creative bloggers have devised several ways to optimize or maximize entrecard dropping each day. Admittedly, i regularly drop entrecards but the most is just about 30 a day. That’s only a tenth of what everyone is allowed to drop cards per day.

One creative (and I should say, smart) idea on maximizing entrecard dropping can be found at Powerdropping blog. His technique is to drop entrecards on blogs based on how fast the blog site loads in your browser. Very informative indeed, as I learned that this site is included among the Powerdropping List of websites (there’s 300 in the list). Currently, Bloggista.com is listed there as having a load time of 0.68 seconds, though lately when I check out Powerdropping.com’s reference site , my blog site is currently loading at 0.63 seconds on the average (after 5 tries). But I guess this is one aspect where I should improve – my goal is to have an average load time of not less than 0.40 seconds.

Happy dropping!