After 5 hours of tweaking, testing, coding, and lots of trial and error (a newbie’s worst nightmare), I have finally switched to a new theme – the second major theme change since went live online last January, 2008.

I just hope the theme is as SEO friendly as the previous Revolution theme by Brian Gardner that I used. With all the post titles in H1, this should be alright. My ultimate goal is to have my own custom designed theme – however, with the availability of great free wordpress themes everywhere, this is not a priority at the moment. If you are looking also for free wordpress themes, be reminded of these 3 simple tips that I use:

  1. Make sure it is SEO friendly. Check the Site, Page and Post titles and headlines, they should be using the < h1 > tags which are optimized for the search engines. Also, check out if your theme’s meta tags and descriptions are not pointing to someone else’s site. The easiest way to do this is to go to your home page and view the page’s source (usually by clicking on the right mouse button, and select View Page Source).
  2. Avoid too many Link Credits at the Footer. Links are cool, but they’re ain’t cool if you see lots of them in your theme’s footer or sidebar. Many free wordpress themes are sponsored so you get those link credits to several sites. No matter how cool and great looking the theme is, if it has more than 2 link credits at the footer, I will not use it.
  3. Fixed-width, widget-ready and gravatar-ready theme. Most themes are widget-ready alright, and are fixed-width as well, so no need to elaborate. It is always safe to use a fixed-width theme so it won’t easily break in most web browsers. This theme is not gravatar ready, so I just inserted a PHP code to enable display of those funny looking avatars in comments – if it happens the Commenter have not uploaded his/her own avatar at

Of course there are a lot of great articles out there giving out tips and guidelines in choosing a free wordpress theme, just google it.

Now time for some link lovin’:

The Dreamweaver guys who made this great-looking theme. And they only put one link credit at the footer. Nice work dudes.

The Bloggista Contest Sponsors:

Thank you! By the way, will posting the October 2008 CPA Board Exam results and list of passers once it’s released, so check it out.