HeartfaceIn my country, the Philippines, people celebrate Valentines day a very special day. No doubt, a national survey by SWS revealed that about 40% of Filipinos (uhmmm – hold your WHOAAH!!!) believe in CUPID! Perhaps what a stupid way of lovin’ eh, but perhaps some would agree stupidity begets company and company begets ‘love’. Haha, don’t know where I got that stupid line anyway…

Getting back to this post’s title – Blogging on Valentines. Needless to explain, would you be spending Valentines night with your special someone (e.g. your spouse, or lover, your kids, your family, your gay buddy, your lesbian sweetheart, your neighbor’s wife, your dog, etc.) and forget your Computer for a night? Or, would you rather prefer spending the night Blogging and dropping entrecards

Take the survey (it’s in the right sidebar) and let’s see. And make sure you leave a comment right here on this POST – not in the poll page for some details regarding your VOTE. Every poll taker who leaves a comment will receive 5 entrecard credits from me. Hehe, too cheap for a bribe and a shameful blog promotion eh?. Just for fun!

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Promise I will post the results tomorrow and send you your credits!