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The contest Entries:

Entry A: Entry of Joliber at

Bloggista is:

– a modern term for bloggers who influence, touch, and inspire others
– a web 2.0 term for blogger
– a visionary, goal-oriented, and online champion blogger

Entry B: Entry of Dyimz at

‘Bloggista’ is simply an internet slang for cool people who is very enthusiastic about blogging, who loves to share information and experiences, as well as making money online via their blog.

Entry C: Entry of PinoyTek at

Bloggista is referred to a person who writes online with a remarkable interest to a specific field or subject. For example, Bloggista is commonly referred to a blogger.

Entry D: Entry of Bong at

Bloggista (noun) is a person who is totally crazy about everything blogging. Picture somebody with long, stringy hair hidden by a red bandana, body hunched over the keyboard, fingers twitching on the mouse, red-rimmed and unblinking eyes fixed on the monitor, and wearing a t-shirt that says “powered by caffeine.”

Entry E: Entry of Metz at

Bloggista (noun) – A Filipino who is witty, talented, tech savy, and with a dash of personality that has a knack for self expression through a medium globally known as “Blogs”. A person affiliated to the word would mean that you and others like you are the best in the biz and of course a Proud Pinoy.

Entry F: Entry of Heidelicious at

Bloggista refers to a Filipino blogger who is creative enough in expressing what he/she thinks and feels, without fearing others’ reactions. A bloggista knows how to create educational controversies and set knowledgeable trends via blogging, incorporating his/her own personal writing style. Bloggista is, in fact, a blog fashionista!

Entry G: Entry of John at

BLOGGISTA (noun) – a passionate and enlightened Pinoy icon in the field of “blogging”, admired for unlimited fresh insights and fine narration of his journey in the cunning world of the Internet and the Real World. Earns respect by continuously providing useful resources to readers. A foundation of awareness, sensibility, and contagious wit.

Entry H: Entry of Princess at

Bloggista (Noun) – refers to a person who passionately writes about anything under the Sun using an online journal. By default, a bloggista writes about his/her personal life but he/she can write mainly other categories such as Fashion, Making Money, Food and Travel.

Entry I: Entry of Marikenya at

Bloggista – A Filipino colloquial term for an individual who expresses his/her thoughts, ideas, insights, principles, beliefs, musings, or anything he/she considers needs communicated by publishing it online through his/her own web blog.

Entry J: Entry of Ambo at

The word Bloggista is a publishing technology writer who depends on Weblog as a writing material. Bloggista referring to a Blogger is sometimes defined as a writer. But there are a lot of differences between a Bloggista and a traditional writer. A traditional writer who is usually associated or affiliated with news organization while Bloggista is dependent on its own website called Weblog. Bloggista is often associated as a writer which is cool, but we have to realize that Blogging is just part of the growing technology.

Entry K: Entry of Edelweiza at

“A bloggista” refers to anyone who writes his ideas and opinions on any topic and publishes them through an online journal called blog. It is actually a counterpart of the term ‘blogger’ in English. A bloggista may be amateur or professional as blogging is now utilized to make money online.”

Entry L: Entry of Von at

Bloggista (Noun)
– someone who blogs with zeal and passion, incorporating all aspects of blogging in his lifestyle, both business and personal.
– a trendsetter in blogging, whether it be in technical aspects, blog content, or just trendy designs that contribute to the total aesthetics of the blogging experience.

Entry M: Entry of Kisty at

Bloggista (noun). A Filipino slang of the word blog that refers to a person called the blogger writes using an online journal about anything or just a specific category such as Technology, Foods, Fashion and Photography. He/she  usually spends a lot of time blogging.

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